AUTOPSY – Puncturing The Grotesque LP

AUTOPSY – Puncturing The Grotesque LP


Released Friday 26 Jan


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Puncturing the Grotesque mini-LP, containing 7 tracks of blistering sickness, and their first new material since the pulverising Skull Grinder.

With the returning line-up of Chris Reifert, Eric Cutler, Danny Coralles & Joe Trevisano, Autopsy once more deliver a rancid concoction of slow brooding doom and high-octane metal madness injected with twisted solos and an overdose of vocal insanity.

Puncturing The Grotesque features a high-octane version of the none-too-subtly titled ‘Fuck You!!!’, originally known from 80’s West Oakland act Bloodbath (which once featured current guitarist Danny Coralles). Bloodbath US was a large inspiration for Autopsy in their formative years. Recorded at Earhammer Studios (Violation Wound), in Oakland CA with engineering & co-production duties carried out by Greg Wilkinson. With the delightfully distasteful artwork comes courtesy of Dennis Dread (Darkthrone/Abscess).