Arthur Russell – Another Thought 2LP

Arthur Russell – Another Thought 2LP


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The re-release of ‘Another Thought’ (originally issued on Point Music) by Philip Glass’s label Orange Mountain Music is a celebration of an especially haunting and inspiring collection of Arthur Russell songs and a tribute to a great musical innovator.During his lifetime, the classically trained composer, cellist and disco artist Arthur Russell studied and performed with a wide variety of musicians and artists such as David Byrne, Ali Akbar Khan, Allen Ginsberg, John Hammond, Rhys Chatham, Jon Gibson, Peter Gordon, Jerry Harrison, Garret List, Frank Pagano, Leni Pickett, and Peter Zummo.As a solo act in the 1980s, Arthur Russell produced his own brand of wigged-out disco-funk meets avant garde classical music. His successes included “In the Light of the Miracle” and the album ‘World of Echo’ which incorporated many of his ideas for pop, dance and classical music for both solo voice and cello format.Another Thought was originally released posthumously in 1994. During the last years of his life, although he wrote and recorded many wonderful songs, an ailing Arthur Russell was unable to complete a projected album for Point. After his death that label took on the archival challenge of organizing his life’s work (over 800 reels of tape were catalogued) and produced this album as “a broad yet still personal view of Arthur’s world”. The album mostly features Russell on cello and vocals, but he’s joined by various singers and musicians on several tracks.The booklet for this re-released and re-mastered ‘Another Thought’ includes all the lyrics to its 15 songs as well the insightful biographical essay from the original release.