PERE UBU By Order Of Mayor Pawlicki (live In Jarocin)



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“On Friday, July 14th 2017, Pere Ubu musicians and crew undertook the journey to Jarocin, Poland, from their homes around the world…..” And so begins the story of ‘By Order Of Mayor Pawlicki’. Broken mics, broken drums, broken itineraries and some espionage made this a stand-out gig for all involved, but from the moment they took to the stage the band’s performance blew all of those impediments, and more, aside.

Performing material from the first seven years of the band’s career, Pere Ubu, led by the ever-engaging David Thomas, rejuvenate and reinvigorate their classic catalogue from this influential era. Interspersed with Thomas’ anecdotes, observations and inspired utterances, here we present eighteen cornerstone pieces of the Pere Ubu jigsaw, performed with dedicated brutality.

Disc One
By Order Of Mayor Pawlicki
1. Intro
2. Heart Of Darkness
3. On The Surface
4. Petrified
5. Real World
6. Rhapsody In Pink
7. Modern Dance
8. Navvy
9. Small Was Fast
10. Over My Head
11. Long Walk Home
12. Codex
13. My Dark Ages
14. Rounder
15. Dub Housing
16. Fabulous Sequel
17. Vulgar Boatman Bird
18. Caligari’s Mirror
19. Final Solution

Disc Two
We Don’t Do Encores
1. Kick Out The Jams
2. Sonic Reducer
3. Final Solution
4. Visions Of The Moon
5. Modern Dance Blues
6. Weird Cornfields/Merch Hypnotism

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