NIRVANA Live and Loud


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First-time stand-alone audio release of the Nirvana concert video LIVE AND LOUD from the MTV-shot performance in Seattle on 13th December, 1993 that was previously only available in the IN UTERO 20th anniversary Super Deluxe box from 2013.
1 “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”  
2 “Drain You“  
3 “Breed”  
4 “Serve the Servants”  
5 “Rape Me“  
6 “Sliver“  
7 “Pennyroyal Tea“  
8 “Scentless Apprentice“  
9 “All Apologies“  
10 “Heart-Shaped Box“  
11 “Blew“  
12 “The Man Who Sold the World” (David Bowie)  
13 “School”  
14 “Come as You Are“  
15 “Lithium“  
16 “About a Girl“  
17 “Endless, Nameless”  

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