LEE PERRY & MR. GREEN Super Ape vs. 緑: Open Door


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A1. Love Me In My Heart (feat. Eric “Scratch” Andrè)
A2. Come Back Alone (feat. Sheek Louch)
A3. Working For GOD
A4. Streak of Luck (feat. Daniel Son and HR of Bad Brains)
A5. Ranting
A6. Electric Energy
A7. Callaloo
A8. Sleepytime
A9. Hot Fire

B1. Love Me In My Heart (Instrumental)
B2. Come Back Alone (Instrumental)
B3. Working For GOD (Instrumental)
B4. Streak of Luck (Instrumental)
B5. Ranting (Instrumental)
B6. Electric Energy (Instrumental)
B7. Callaloo (Instrumental)
B8. Sleepytime (Instrumental)
B9. Hot Fire (Instrumental)

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