JJ CALE Grasshopper

The seventh album of revered J.J. Cale, Grasshopper (1982) continues where he left off with his previous album Shades: tight, stripped-down country rock but with an increased energy level. Some even call the album Pop, which isn’t so strange when listening to songs like “City Girls” and “Nobody But You” (the latter which incorporates an amazingly infectious horn section).

As always, J.J. Cale doesn’t disappoint with Grasshopper, taking his solid recognizable sound one step further into the eighties. Music On Vinyl’s release of Grasshopper is the first since 1982, finally available on heavy duty vinyl!


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Side A
1. City Girls
2. Devil In Disguise
3. One Step Ahead Of The Blues
4. You Keep Me Hangin’ On
5. Downtown L.A.
6. Can’t Live Here
7. Grasshopper
Side B
1. Drifters Wife
2. Don’t Wait
3. A Thing Going On
4. Nobody But You
5. Mississippi River
6. Does Your Mama Like To Reggae
7. Dr. Jive

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