GRUPO 2000 El Destape

LP housed in old-school tip on jacket
Limited to 500 copies


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The early- to mid-1970s surge in cumbia peruana led many coastal groups to follow in the footsteps of the legendary LOS DESTELLOS, releasing one-off LPs and handfuls of singles.

In 1974, a guitarist from Tarapoto by the name of Tulio Trigoso decided to make his mark with his very first effort, “El Destape,” with his GRUPO 2000. It was released on the El Virrey label subsidiary Doremi in October of that year.

A highly-coveted gem by collectors from Peru, this LP is virtually unknown outside its homeland. Taken directly from the master tapes, Masstropicas proudly presents the first ever reissue of this 12-song masterpiece.

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