FRED V Radiate 2×12″


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Stepping up with an astounding collection of first-class sonics, Fred Vs highly anticipated debut solo album, Radiate is on the horizon for the summer of 2021, on Hospital Records. Consisting of 15 tracks that feature exciting collaborations with Millbrook, Zara Kershaw, Vonné, Lottie Jones and SAYAH. Fred Vs first-ever standalone longplayer is everything youd hope for and more, built from an infusion of electronic influences from the past, present and future. Expect an up-close and intimate insight into the Exeter-based multi-instrumentalist, as he continues to carve out his unique musical identity through ethereal soundscapes and melancholic climates.

“Glokenspiel Riddim”
“Away (feat. Vonné)”
“Already Disappeared (feat. Amy J Pryce)”
“Atmosphere (feat. Lottie Jones)”
“Morning Eclipse (feat. Vio.let)”
“Trust Me (feat. SAYAH)”
“12 Years Ago”
“Program And Control”
“Too Familiar (feat. Zara Kershaw)”
“Radiate (feat. Lottie Jones)”

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