FONTAINES D.C. A Hero’s Death (coloured)

rel 31/7/20

stormy blue coloured vinyl


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Barely a year after the release of their hugely acclaimed debut album Dogrel, cult indie-rock outfit Fontaines D.C. have returned with an intensely confident, patient, and complex follow up album, A Hero’s Death.
Arriving battered and bruised – albeit beautiful – the album is anything but a re-hash of the swaggering energy from their first record. Instead, the music is patient, confident, and complex – a heady and philosophical take on the modern world and its great uncertainty. First album review is in – 5/5 Q Magazine (UK)

Coloured vinyl is 140g stormy blue

I Don’t Belong
Love Is The Main Thing Televised Mind
A Lucid Dream
You Said
Oh Such A Spring
A Hero’s Death
Living In America
I Was Not Born

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