ANTHRAX Persistence Of Time (30th Anniversary edition)

Deluxe, remastered & expanded – on stunning orange & black vinyl


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Side A
Time (Remastered)
Blood (Remastered)
Keep It In The Family (Remastered)

Side B
In My World (Remastered)
Gridlock (Remastered)
Intro to Reality (Remastered
Belly of the Beast (Remastered)

Side C
Got The Time (Remastered)
H8 Red (Remastered)
One Man Stands (Remastered)
Discharge (Remastered)

Side D
I’m The Man (The Illest Version Ever)
Time (Live at The Palace of Auburn Hills)
Got The Time (Pre Production)

Side E
In My World (Pre Production – Scott Guide Vocal)
H8 Red (Rehearsal Room/Charlie’s, Riff Tape/Pre-Production)
Discharge (Charlie’s Riff Tape/Rehearsal Room/Pre-Production)

Side F
Keep In In The Family (Rehearsal Room/Scott Guide Vocal)
Blood (Rehearsal Room/Pre-Production)

Side G
Intro to Reality (Pre-Production)
Belly Of The Beast (Tracking)
Gridlock (Tracking)

Side H
One Man Stands (Pre-Production)
Time (Pre-Production, Scott Guide Vocal)

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