VA Med School: Graduation

VA Med School: Graduation


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1. Bop – Magic.gif 2. Keeno – Lost For Words (Feat. Walk:r & Natalie Wood) 3. Phase – Ringer 4. Royalston – Mark’s Shibari Groove 5. Villem – Stereogram 6. Facing Jinx – Rest Assured (Feat. Lavahi) 7. Etherwood – Nowhere To Go But Everywhere disc 2 8. A.fruit – Bike Paths 9. Kimyan Law – Kaleido 10. Ac13 – Techniquest 11. Illexxandra – Emergency Medical Hologram 12. Whiney – Close To You 13. Bop & Unquote – Drifting Away 14. Polaris – Computer Music 15. Frederic Robinson – Skip disc 3 16. Askel Elere & Trisector – Last Days 17. Natus – Kind Words 18. Whytwo – Armour 19. Lung – Stop Crying 20. Miss Redflower – Conundrum 21. Synkro – Driveway disc 4 1. S.p.y – Black Flag (Vip) 2. Lakeway – Massive
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After thirteen years and over ninety releases, Med School has stacked the chairs and closed its doors. As a final farewell to the label, the “Med School: Graduation” compilation celebrates the life of Hospital Records’ once sister label, as well as the musicians and culture that defined it, with 23 brand new tracks from label stalwarts such as Bop, Keeno, Etherwood and Whiney as well as the new blood that was always so important to the label’s experimental output.

In Med School fashion, the album brings together a myriad of drum & bass stylings and beyond. From the microfunk movements of Bop to Illexandra’s warped emergency warnings, Lakeway’s upfront grime beats to the unique electronic musings of Frederic Robinson, A.Fruit and Kimyan Law.

Representing the serene side of Med School is Etherwood’s “Nowhere To Go But Everywhere”, alongside beautiful contributions from Keeno, Natus and Polaris. The tribal infusions of Royalston’s stepper “Mark’s Shibari Groove” and Lung’s techno-fused rabbit hole “Stop Crying” switch up the pace to reflect the breadth of Med School’s outputs. The compilation also calls back to the very beginnings of the label with a special VIP treatment of S.P.Y’s first release in the Hospital camp, MEDIC1 “Black Flag”.

Whiney not only brings in his deep new stepper “Close To You” but is also the man behind the continuous mix on the album, seamlessly bringing together all 23 tracks for one final salute to Med School Music.

“Medschool was an amazing label for taking risks. from Syntax to The Erised and everything in between.. Without risks and new talent we cannot grow. Without you believing in our risks and new talent we are nothing”