THE CARS Shake It Up (MoFi)

THE CARS Shake It Up (MoFi)


Sonically Spectacular LP by Mobile Fidelity

1981 Album a Return to Pop and a New-Wave Landmark

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A return to form after the departure that was 1980’s muddled Panorama, the Cars’ Shake It Up bursts forth with a rich assembly of synthesizers, drum machines, electronic blips, and catchy melodies that make it an early 80s pop staple. Known the world over, the famous title track proves the band’s arrangement skills were in perfect shape and set the stage for a record overflowing with memorable hooks and complementary rock riffs.

1. “Since You’re Gone”
2. “Shake It Up”
3. “I’m Not the One”
4. “Victim of Love”
5. “Cruiser”
6. “A Dream Away”
7. “This Could Be Love”
8. “Think it Over”
9. “Maybe Baby”