PARK HYE JIN Before I Die (Indies pink vinyl)

PARK HYE JIN Before I Die (Indies pink vinyl)


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South Korean-born, now Los Angeles-based 박혜진 Park Hye Jin quickly gained a reputation for dreamlike, minimal electronic, house and techno productions, with her flawless DJ sets winning her fans across the globe and spawning a burgeoning touring career.
Having begun to experiment with her own rapping and singing around 2015, Hye Jin began DJing in 2017 before eventually moving into making her own productions in 2018.
On her debut album Before I Die Hye Jin continues to expand her sonic palette, drawing on a range of influences and downtempo sensibilities to present the most complete vision yet of her sound.
The album is performed, produced and written entirely by Hye Jin.
The lead single Let’s Sing Let’s Dance is a wistful dance track that places Hye Jin’s mantra like vocals over piano keys and rumbling bass.
Before I Die solidifies 박혜진 Park Hye Jin’s status as one of electronic music’s most singular voices.

Side A
1. Let’s Sing Let’s Dance
2. I Need You
3. Before I Die
4. Good Morning Good Night
5. Me Trust Me
6. Where Did I Go
7. Never Give Up

Side B
1. Can I Get Your Number
2. Whatchu Doin Later
3. Sex With ME (DEFG)
4. Where Are You Think
5. Never Die
6. Hey, Hey, Hey
7. Sunday ASAP
8. i jus wanna be happy