LES MASQUES Brasilian Sound


LES MASQUES Brasilian Sound


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At the end of the 60s and early 70s Brazil was a dream. It was fashionable everywhere in Europe and therefore in France too. One thinks of ‘Samba Saravah’ from the Un homme et une femme OST, Françoise Hardy and her record produced by Tuca, Isabelle Aubret and her ‘Casa Forte’ or France Gall with ‘Zozoi’. Three Brazilian musicians exiled in France, Edson Lobo (bass), Fernando Martins (piano) and Nelson Serra (drums) form the Trio Camara. They met a group of friends who loved Brazilian music, all professional musicians, but who wanted to remain anonymous, hence the name of the band : Les Masques (The Masks)… Claude Germain (Les double six), José Bartel, Marie Vassiliu, Pierre Vassiliu … Indeed the singers forming Les Masques are from being unknown. In 1969 they entered Studio Davout with le Trio Camara to record “Brasilian Sound”. Composed of 11 tracks, it is a superb album, masterfully produced and recorded, a gripping record to listen in one go and transports us in atmospheres both dreamy and naïve which belong to that period. Produced in 500 copies on CBS, ‘Brazilian Sound’ was not, unfortunately, a success and it is today impossible to find the original French pressing (which sounds much better than the Canadian pressing released at the same time). This reissue on Le Très Groove Club is welcome, so that 50 years after its release, a larger audience can discover this beautiful record, echo of a once and for all past era.  

• Side A
1 Echo
2 Il faut tenir
3 Un regard … un sourire …
4 Enfer
5 Bal chez le baron
6 La grosse bosse à Casanova

• Side B
1 Mais un jour …
2 Initiation
3 Dis-nous quel est le chemin
4 L’oiseau
5 Les filles et les garçons