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A firm favourite amongst the likes of Madlib, J-Rocc, Antal, Gilles Peterson, and Floating Points. José Mauro’s mournful and melancholic vocals create a dark, brooding atmosphere that stands in contrast to the usual joyfulness and high-spirited rhythm of the more prominent Brazilian music of the era. Despite this air of foreboding, Mauro’s confident baritones, chord patterns and sumptuous arrangements have the ability to induce in the listener an almost trance-like state of ecstasy. Mauro’s long hidden masterpiece, a complex and uniquely stunning work is being offered the chance to be heard by the wider audience it has always deserved.

For many years it was presumed José Mauro was dead, based on false rumours and inaccurate speculation in blogs and comment sections. It wasn’t until the 2016 reissue of Obnoxius that Far Out Recordings learned that Mauro was alive (now in his mid 70s) living a quiet life on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. After years of trying to track him down (with many twists and turns along the way), the label finally established contact with a close family member of José Mauro.

1. Obnoxius
2. Tarde de Núpcias
3. Memória
4. Ponto De Chamada
5. As Aventuras Sentimentais De Espiroqueta Camargo
6. Talismã
7. Arraial Da Lue Cheia
8. Ancoradouro
9. Cancao Da Casa Iluminada
10. Apocalipse
11. Exaltacao Elamento De Ultimo Rei