ELYSIAN FIELDS Transience Of Life LP

ELYSIAN FIELDS Transience Of Life LP


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Having explored the present moment of existential crisis in their last album Pink Air, for their newest work Elysian Fields looks centuries into the past, and towards faraway foreign lands. Transience of Life, a concept album drawn from the venerable Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber, places the listener in an unreal dreamscape of electroacoustic atmospheres, punctuated by passages of their own patented brand of melodic noir rock, painting haunted scenes from a fairy tale of destiny and loss which is also a keen-eyed social document whose themes of dislocation and disempowerment still resonate in the urgent problems of today.
Master producer, and longtime Elysian Fields collaborator Thomas Bartlett (St. Vincent, Yoko Ono, Bebel Gilberto) steered the sessions, playing, programming and incorporating performances from drummer Sam Levi

1. Prologue to a Dream ofR ed Mansions
2. Transience of Life
3. Vain Longing
4. Spurned by the World
5. Separation from Dear Ones
6. An Outsider Undeserving of Love
7. Sorrow Amidst Joy
8. ALife Misspent
9. Union of Enemies
10.The Indifference of Heaven
11.The Birds Scatter to the Wood