AMON TOBIN Out From Out Where

AMON TOBIN Out From Out Where


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“Out From Out Where” differs from its predecessor in that “Supermodified” was made using only found sound (most of them generated by Amon himself) while here he steps back to some slightly more traditional sources (displaying in particular, a love of guitar licks). But when Tobin takes a sample source he is never happy until he has warped, filtered and fucked with it until it sounds like something straight from his head. And not just anywhere in his head, but that dingy, cobwebbed corner where no one should go…
“Chronic Tronic” sounds like martial music for giants, listening to “Searchers” you’re gripped by a terrible sense of foreboding. “Back From Space” and the intro to “Hey Blondie” have a genuine alien sense of wonder about them. Meanwhile, the beats, as exemplified on “Triple Science,” sound like an entire bloco band having a bad trip in the dirt under your fingernail. And as for “El Wraith”. Well, let’s not even go there…
In fact, this has to be the most straight-up nasty album that Tobin has yet made – music with the power to genuinely disturb.