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Peter Jefferies (This Kind of Punishment, Nocturnal Projections, etc.) released his brilliant sophomore album Electricity in 1994. While his solo debut, 1990’s The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World, has drawn comparisons to classic singer-songwriters like Nick Drake and Townes Van Zandt, Electricity is a far more sparse and nocturnal affair. Jefferies’ earthy baritone weaves between piano, guitar, cello and analog tape machine noise, pulling in listeners to the deep pastoral life of his music.
With guest appearances from heavyweights in the New Zealand music scene (Straitjacket Fits’ Shayne Carter, Plagal Grind’s Robbie Muir and The Dead C’s Bruce Russell), Electricity has garnered a cult following among fans, yet the songs possess a singular quality – every note, utterance and flourish reflect back to Jefferies alone. The simple arrangements, in particular on ballads such as “By Small Degrees,” convey fiercely intimate moments as well as Jefferies’ tremendous range and playfulness as a writer.
This first-time vinyl reissue from Superior Viaduct includes four bonus tracks from 1992’s Swerve EP and is highly recommended for fans of Flying Nun Records, John Cale and Jim Shepard. After 20 years, now is the time to revisit the groundbreaking work of this New Zealand legend.

Track Listing:
1 Wined Up
2 Quality
3 Clear By Morning
4 Dear Boss
5 Scattered Logic
6 Electricity
7 By Small Degrees
8 Next
9 Snare
10 Don’t Look Down
11 Couldn’t Write A Book
12 Every Once In A While
13 Just Nothing
14 Crossover
15 White Prole
16 Brighten Or Bleed
17 Scissors
18 Image Of A Single Thought
19 Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You
20 Swerve
21 A Chorus Of Interludes